What is meltblown cloth? What is the difference between meltblown cloth and non-woven fabric?

What is meltblown cloth? What is the difference between meltblown cloth and non-woven fabric?

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What is the difference between cotton and linen and pure cotton? Which is better? Cotton and linen are a mixture of cotton and linen. It is a bit like a rough cloth, but it is still very comfortable to wear. Many Mori women's clothes are made of cotton and linen fabrics. The weather is hot and sweaty, so it will be cooler to wear cotton and linen clothes.

What is the difference between cotton linen and pure cotton? Which is better?

First, the difference between cotton and linen and pure cotton

Cotton and linen, is a blend of cotton and linen. It's a bit like coarse cloth, but it's still more comfortable to wear, and pure cotton is smoother.

Cotton fibers are shorter, slightly more cilia, the fibers are more irregular, slightly curled, and the luster is softer.

The hemp fiber is longer, the surface is smooth and shiny, the cilia are less, the elasticity is higher than that of cotton, and the hand feel is heavier.

cotton, that isCotton and linen blend. There are the advantages of hemp and the advantages of hemp.

Cotton and linen are a bit like coarse cloth, but they are still more comfortable to wear, and pure cotton is smoother.

2. Which one is better, cotton linen or pure cotton?

Cotton linen and pure cotton have their own advantages and disadvantages. Cotton linen and pure cotton are more breathable than pure cotton.

Pure cotton is more comfortable than cotton and linen

Clothes made of cotton and linen are thin, cool, and the hard points of linen are rougher.

Pure cotton is comfortable and does not contain harmful substances to the skin. In summer, thin cotton is also breathable; it is absorbent and breathable, soft and good for the skin. Cotton cloth is easy to stick and dye variegated colors, so pay more attention when cleaning and storing.

Cotton and linen are more breathable than pure cotton

When it is hot in summer, wearing cotton and linen will feel cooler, but although cotton and linen are cool, cleaning is also a very troublesome thing. There is no pure cotton to clean.

3. How to distinguish the quality of cotton and linen fabrics

1. Density

This is the most intuitive and can be directly identified by ordinary consumers. Take two cotton and linen fabrics. Good cotton and linen fabrics are densely woven, have high fastness and are not easy to deform.

2. The difference between linen, cotton and cotton

Many people sell cotton as cotton and linen, and some people sell cotton and linen with very low linen content as good cotton and linen. Consumers only look at the price to buy, and they complain about the poor fabric when they buy it. In fact, it is also us. I haven't identified a good cause. Linen is the plus size women clothing strongest kind of textiles. Its fiber strength is high, and it is not easy to tear or puncture. The rag is also twisted and woven from linen. The surface is not as smooth as chemical fiber and cotton, and has a vivid uneven texture. The price of the oil pure linen sold is higher, and the price can also reflect the quality of the linen. Cotton is the cheapest, as many people know. In fact, the previous cotton and linen were not popular in China, and most of them were exported abroad, because the process requirements were high and the cost was very expensive. And that kind of very thick linen is not suitable for human wear at all.

3. Shrinkage rate

The shrinkage rate of cotton and linen with high hemp content is less than 3%, and the shrinkage rate of cotton and linen with a similar amount is slightly higher. This one has not been practiced, but the ancients said that there is absolutely no problem. If you are interested, you can try it.

4. Color

Except for the plain linen fabric of primary color, which does not need pigments, other fabrics need to be dyed to give us colorful choices, so the quality of the material is directly related to the longevity of our bodies and clothes. Inferior dyes are easy to whiten after washing many times, and good cotton Mario has high dye durability.

5. Variety

Not all hemp materials are the same, so prices vary widely. With the development of technology and demand, some hemp contains viscose or polyester. This hemp is more suitable for fit pants because of its elasticity, although the breathability is less. This kind of linen contains more ingredients, less cotton, high fiber content, and feels comfortable, so it is non-irritating to the skin, has good air permeability, and the clothes are more textured.

Advantages and disadvantages of cotton and linen fabrics

The advantage of cotton and linen fabric is that it is comfortable to wear and breathable, but the disadvantage is that it is easy to wrinkle, so it should be ironed frequently.

Fourth, the characteristics of cotton and linen hoodie fabrics

Cotton and linen fabric is a fabric woven by half hemp and half cotton, and has the characteristics of both hemp and cotton. The general pure linen material feels rough and hard, and the friction on the skin hoodie is obvious when worn close to the body, and it is easier to pilling after a long time; while the pure cotton material has the disadvantage of being too light in texture, it is soft to wear, and there is no Hemp firmness. The cotton and linen mixed fabric effectively avoids the shortcomings of hemp and cotton. The advantages and disadvantages of the two complement each other and become the best choice for summer clothes.

1. Good breathability and perspiration. Cotton and linen cloth can absorb sweat and micro-perspiration on human skin, so that the body temperature can quickly return to normal, and the effect of breathability and sweat absorption can truly be achieved. It is warm in winter and cool in summer, and is suitable for personal use.

2. Comfortable, antipruritic, skin friendly, PH value is acidic, non-irritating to the skin, in line with environmental protection and human health requirements.

3. Anti-static, no pilling, no buckling, no hemming, cotton and linen cloth is sewn with pure cotton, without free charge, cotton fiber is not easy to deform, hoodie no pilling.

4. Natural and environmentally friendly, from planting to hand-woven cloth, sewing into bed sheets, no pesticides and chemical dyes are used, and the textiles do not contain chemical heavy metal ions such as formaldehyde and azo.

5. It can improve sleep, use cotton and linen cloth to make the human body have a warming effect, increase the microcirculation blood flow of the human body, effectively regulate the nervous system, clear the meridians, and improve the quality of sleep.

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